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Govia Thameslink Railway – RailScan Engineering Solution

GTR is a brand new train operating company, made up of a family of trusted local brands. From 2015, 22% of all passenger rail journeys in the UK will be run by GTR. GTR are investing heavily in the infrastructure and technology on their lines, so they can deliver more. More trains, more seats, more services, more routes, more station improvements, more platforms with Wi-Fi and more information. Above all, GTR want to give their customers and their people more say – to help create a better rail service for everyone.

With the start of this new franchise, GTR are quick to consult KCL about implementing a document management scanning solution for their entire engineering department.

Abellio Greater Anglia – Human Resources

KCL’s reputation for providing specialist document management solutions to the rail industry goes from strength to strength and welcome Abellio Greater Anglia as a new client. KCL implemented ‘KCL Cloud’ a cloud based Electronic Document Management scanning solution integrated with Greater Anglia’s HR business application.

Adelphi Group

The Adelphi Group of Companies is comprised of four divisions, packaging machinery, process equipment, laboratory equipment and healthcare packaging.

Dan Smith – Managing Director was looking for a specialist document management company that could handle the conversion of a mixture of media sizes ranging from A0 plan drawings to A4 transparency documents as well as electronic file formats ranging from auto CAD to colour photographs.

KCL was an obvious choice for this local company with over 20 years of experience in providing specialist document management solutions.

South West Trains – KCL RailScan

KCL implements scanning solution ‘RailScan’ to South West Trains engineering Department. This unique solution started with KCL collecting and scanning existing vehicle maintenance records from all South West Trains engineering depots followed by implementing a scanning solution from each SWT location and training engineering staff on how to easily search for records using the new document management software.

First Capital Connect – Engineering Aperture Card Conversion

First Capital Connect was looking to convert technical drawings held on microfilm aperture cards. An aperture card acts as transport for a 35mm transparent microfilm slide. Microfilm technology has been around for a few decades and offers storage for drawings. There were drawbacks to preserving drawings on aperture cards. For example, the aperture card could only be used and viewed by one person at a time, it was not a secure storage medium and could be lost or damaged. It was time consuming to view the drawings and required special equipment which was not very reliable and increasingly difficult to service.

KCL were able to convert the aperture cards into electronic format, provide engineers from all depots instant access and share information across the business network simultaneously.

Oxford Bus – Human Resources

Following a KCL multifunction photocopier device installation, Oxford Bus wanted to digitalise their Human Resource records and implement an MFD scanning solution.

KCL provided our unique scanning solution ‘FleetScan’. Multifunction photocopiers are configured with software running on a JAVA platform allowing users to electronically file HR documents and easily retrieve from anywhere at the touch of a button.

First Capital Connect – Safety Department

Following many years of delivering successful document management solutions throughout First Capital Connect, KCL was asked to provide a solution to deal with a large amount of safety and incident records stored at FCC’s Head Office.

KCL processed hard copy documents through their service bureau and trained staff on how to retrieve scanned images via PaperVision, FCC’s electronic document management system.

Southeastern – Equinox Integration

Southeastern Railways Engineering department is responsible for documenting all repair and maintenance performed throughout the various depots. The core system used is Equinox and all engineers update data within this custom tailored database.

The company approached KCL about implementing ‘RailScan’ a solution similar to that used by Southern Railways, a sister company in the Go-Ahead Group organisation.

KCL successfully provided an end-to-end scanning solution combining multifunction photocopiers for network capture, document management software for document retrieval backed up with image processing through KCL’s service bureau all fully integrated with Equinox. The end result enables engineers to file engineering documents via the KCL supplied multifunction photocopier at the touch of a button and then view directly from Equinox.

Southeastern’s Engineering Systems Manager Rangel Hristov commented ‘A BIG THANK YOU for all KCL’s work in making the project a success story!

Havells Sylvania – Accounts Department

Manufacturing giant Havells Sylvania urgently required a document management storage solution for their busy Accounts Department.

The solution KCL provided included the huge task of collecting many years worth of accounts documentation and scanning through our service bureau. KCL then trained staff on document retrieval.

Qantas Take Full Advantage of KCL ‘CargoScan’

Qantas move into Dnata City and take full advantage of KCL’s unique freight scanning solution, ‘CargoScan’. Qantas now have immediate web access to flight file information before the aircraft has even pushed back! Additional benefits to Qantas include global access to flight file information from their Sydney office to process mail revenue and accounts from their Indian office.

Family Support Work – Multifunction Photocopier Installation

KCL wins contract to supply Ricoh Multifunction Photocopiers to registered charity Family Support Work. Family Support Work is a UK Charity (No. 285337) pioneering work with vulnerable families across Sussex since 1890. KCL demonstrated significant cost savings whilst installing latest models.

Dnata City

Dnata City, the next generation of cargo handling facilities opens at London Heathrow.

KCL installs latest Ricoh multifunction photocopiers at Dnata City, integrated with ‘CargoScan’ KCL’s unique scanning solution. Flight file information, including air waybills, customs declaration forms, security certificates and proof of delivery are scanned from KCL supplied photocopiers into a centralised document management application providing Dnata and airlines instant secure web access to flight files.

Southern Railway – Engineer Training Records

Due to stringent records retention requirements within the organization (originating from both contractual and legal commitments), Southern Railway are required to retain engineer training records. Southern’s Training & Competency Manager said “I’m looking to digitalise these records making them easily accessible, as they are referred to frequently, and they must be secured, so that only the appropriate individuals within the organisation have access”.

KCL successfully implemented this project starting with the collection of all training records from Selhurst Maintenance Depot and taking them to our service bureau where our highly skilled team prepared, scanned and indexed each record. KCL then granted users access to the electronic files and provided comprehensive software training on document search and retrieval.

Dnata – CargoScan

Dnata renew ‘CargoScan’ contract with KCL and include two new operations to this unique scanning solution at Glasgow and Birmingham. Dnata senior Management had no hesitation in renewing this custom tailored solution that allows cargo companies to scan from the multifunction photocopiers flight file information, including air waybills, customs declaration forms, security certificates, and proof of delivery, along with all backup documentation into a centralised document management application. Additional benefits include a significant cost reduction of 40% from traditional scanning companies and instant secure web access to flight files for airlines.

VetterTec Ltd – A0/A2 Engineering Drawing Conversion

VetterTec is a specialized company in the Moret Industries Group with the focus on the global supply of dewatering and drying solutions for the ethanol, brewery, starch, environmental, chemical, and alcohol industries.

Scheduled to relocate offices imminently, VetterTec did not want to take there library of technical drawings ranging in sizes from A0 – A2 and the Managing Director looked to KCL for a simple cost effective scanning solution. KCL scanned all the drawings through one of our production wide format scanners and then indexed each individual drawing to enable VetterTec engineers to easily search for technical information.

Southeastern – Contract Signed

KCL sign contract to supply Southeastern Railway with Hewlett Packard wide format printers. Southeastern decided to implement an in-house station poster printing solution that will not only see a significant cost reduction from outsourcing but also deliver a quick turnaround time for producing posters. Key stations will have latest Hewlett Packard wide format printers installed and staff trained on how to operate. This decision was partly based on the huge success of sister company Southern who also initiated an in-house KCL printing solution.

The Placement Group PLC

The Placement Group is one of the UK’s leading healthcare recruitment providers, delivering permanent, temporary and flexible staffing solutions across a broad spectrum of medical specialties. Core areas of recruitment expertise are within;

  • Allied Health Professionals (AHP)
  • Health Science Services (HSS)
  • Hospital Doctors
  • Nursing & Theatres
  • Technical Support staff

The Placement Group was looking to digitise their large portfolio of candidate files, these files consist of CV’s, credentials, qualifications and CRB checks among other documents and must be kept for legal and compliance reasons. The Group MD decided to implement KCL’s MediScan to improve access from remote offices, ensure completion of required compliance records and faster placement of candidates.

Southern Railway – Quality Assurance Certificates

Due to continued success of a KCL implemented document scanning solution (Rail Scan) within Southern Railways Materials Department, Southern wanted to expand to other documentation and consulted with KCL to discuss vehicle wheel set ‘Quality Assurance Certificates’.

Southern intend to centralise the storage of all wheel sets to their largest depot, but requires personnel from other depots to have instant access to the available wheel sets. Southern’s Material Manager briefed KCL “We want to be able to scan ‘Quality Assurance Certificates’ from our photocopiers to KCL for data processing and make them available to all materials personnel from any depot. I need one central repository for everyone to work from regardless of geographical location”. KCL delivered a scanning and retrieval solution that involved valuable data being extracted from each certificate including fleet type, wheel type , diameter and serial number, providing Southern enhanced search and retrieval capabilities.

South West Trains – Aperture Cards

South West Trains operates approximately 1,600 trains a day on a network in the South and South West of England, serving more than 200 stations and they employ nearly 4,500 people. The South West Trains network includes routes through Hampshire, Surrey, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Devon, Somerset and Greater London, serving a mixture of commuters and long-distance travellers.

South West Trains were looking to convert technical drawings held on microfilm aperture cards. An aperture card acts as transport for a 35mm transparent microfilm slide. Microfilm technology has been around for a few decades and offers storage for drawings. There were drawbacks to preserving drawings on aperture cards. For example, the apeture card could only be used and viewed by one person at a time, it was not a secure storage medium and could be lost or damaged. It was time consuming to view the drawings and required special equipment which was not very reliable and increasingly difficult to service.

KCL were able to convert the aperture cards into electronic format, provide engineers from all depots instant access and share information across the business network simultaneously.

London Midland – Fleet Safety & Standards

London Midland operates train services through the heart of England from London in the south, to Birmingham in the Midlands and Liverpool in the north west. 50 million passenger journeys a year are made on London Midland, operating over 1,300 services a day.

The Fleet Safety & Standards Department are responsible for maintaining and distributing critical engineering documents to engineers at all of London Midlands train depots. These documents were stored centrally at their Head Office both electronically and in hard copy. The Fleet Safety & Standards Manager had heard of the success Southern Railway (sister company to London Midland) was having with document scanning and wanted to implement a similar solution. London Midland spoke to KCL about the challenges involved in storing and distributing engineering change request documents, incident investigations, audit reports and technical information.

London Midland’s decision to implement KCL ‘RailScan’ started with the configuration of Ricoh multifunction photocopiers allowing users to file documents electronically by selecting from pre-defined drop down menus as to the class of vehicle and document type. Once scanned, the document is sent to KCL for processing and automatically routed to PaperVision for London Midland Engineering staff to search, share and retrieve documents from anywhere.

Tyne and Wear Metro – A0 Engineering Drawing conversion

Tyne and Wear are based in Newcastle and have a Fleet of 90 two-car articulated units.
The Engineering Department have technical drawings which have to be retained for the life of the vehicles. To preserve the quality and clarity of images, the Engineering Director looked to KCL for advise on how the A0 drawings could be digitalised.

KCL scanned all the drawings through one of our production wide format scanners and then indexed each individual drawing to enable Tyne & Wear Metro engineers to easily search for technical information.

Grand Central – Engineering Maintenance Records

Grand Central is an open-access passenger train operator carrying passengers from London Kings Cross to York and the North East and to Doncaster and West Yorkshire. Grand Central reaches the parts of the country other services don’t – directly linking large cities in Yorkshire and the North East with London, often for the first time in years.

Grand Central was looking for an on-line document management solution for the simple scanning and retrieval of vehicle engineering maintenance records. Taking into account KCL’s many years of transport industry experience and comfort that KCL has a long history of delivering equally as important projects with Arriva, Grand Central’s parent company, the Engineering Director agreed that ‘RailScan’ fitted the bill. “The system works really well for us” said the Engineering Director “we maintain vehicles from several depots and now have instant access at the click of a button from anywhere’.

The Diocese of Chichester – The Church of England

The Diocese of Chichester urgently required a document storage solution to tackle their ever increasing storage problems at Church House Hove.

The solution KCL provided covered paper sizes from A0 plan drawings for the Property Department to A4 documents for the Accounts Department, as well as electronic file formats ranging from auto CAD to colour photographs.

WFS Gatwick – CargoScan

Since the company’s founding in 1983, WFS has established itself as a leader throughout the Aviation Community by providing a broad array of quality and reliable Ground Services. They have flourished in scope and presence and now service over 107 of the world’s major airports. They handle 3.5 million tonnes of cargo annually, servicing 300 airlines in 20 countries, meeting the needs of over 50 million passengers every year.

WFS Gatwick were looking for a specialist document management solutions provider to implement a cargo flight file scanning solution with potential to roll-out to other WFS stations. KCL implemented their unique scanning solution ‘CargoScan’ with on-line document retrieval.

Brighton&Hove Bus – Driver Files

Brighton & Hove Bus run a fleet of approximately 280 modern buses on local bus services as well as 8 luxury coaches available for private hire.

Bus drivers report to a team of Driver Managers based out of three depots. The Driver Managers are responsible for keeping in order all driver related documents including attendance, training, medicals, vehicle defect sheets, incident reports and disciplinary hearings. These records were all kept in paper format. The Senior Driver Manager commented “files are often referred to on a daily basis but only Driver Managers had access to them. If I needed to look at a drivers file I have to drive to the depot and request from the Driver Manager. What I really need is electronic access to all driver files.”
KCL successfully implemented FleetScan, taking a phased approach to limit any business disruption. This started with KCL collecting all driver files from each depot and taking them to our bureau where our highly skilled team prepared, scanned and indexed each record. Whilst this took place, KCL configured the fleet of Ricoh multifunction photocopiers to scan any new documents and automatically route them to each driver file. Finally, KCL ensured that all users were fully trained on the system right through from scanning a new document from the photocopier to searching for a record.

Southern Railway – GSM-R Driver Training Project

The decision to go with GSM-R means a single streamlined digital radio system is here to replace all existing communication systems, thereby helping to reduce costs, improve interoperability, and enhance safety. GSM-R markedly improves the security, reliability and safety of rail services.

During the transition, Southern undertook the important task of training all 1000 train drivers on the new radio system. Southern’s Training Department consulted with KCL on how the driver assessments could be scanned and automatically routed to PaperVision (Southern’s electronic content management system) and then easily retrieved for audit purposes and compliance.

KCL successfully implemented a solution where once drivers complete their training course, the signed assessments are scanned through the photocopier then automatically transmitted to KCL personnel who process and index the data and make it available to view.

This process eliminates the need to store hard copies of assessments, ensures files are not misplaced or misfiled if later relied upon to prove competence and readily available at the touch of a button in a structured environment.

Southeastern Railway – Payroll Department

Southeastern run train services into London from Kent and East Sussex serving 179 stations employing approximately 3,500 staff. The Payroll department operates from Ashford and is responsible for processing employee ‘Fit for Work Notes’ and Statutory ‘Sick Pay Claim Forms’.

Historically, these documents were sent via post, email, fax and then printed to be filed away for audit purpose as fines can be imposed if not retained.

Southeastern looked to KCL for a simple solution that involved little intervention from users and utilised the fleet of nearly 100 multifunctional photocopiers all with network scanning capabilities. ‘Fit Notes’ are scanned through the photocopiers then automatically transmitted to KCL personnel who process and index the data by employee payroll number making documents easy to locate and access via PaperVision (Southeasterns electronic content management system).

This solution helped streamline the payroll operation as users now process and access these documents electronically and scanning from the photocopiers now forms part of the business process.

Southern Railway – Medical Files

In late 2010, Southern performed a cost analysis of the outsourcing they’d been doing to an Occupational Health provider and determined that by bringing these services in-house, they would be able to make considerable cost savings over the next three years. Within months the rail franchise had hired a professional medical administration team and taken over the service themselves. The transfer of existing employee medical files from the previous supplier proved the perfect opportunity to convert records to electronic formats.

“The system is great,”, said the centre manager, “all of my employee records are right here, right at my desk. I can get replies to the consultants within minutes. We still generate paper, but we capture it then and there using the MediScan, so the right people have access to the right data in a timely manner.”

KCL performed both the initial back-file conversion of over 6,000 employee medical files, and then worked with HR and Occupational Health management personnel to develop a simple and cost effective scanning solution. “These are just the types of scenarios that MediScan was designed to service,” said Dave Bell, Director.

Southern Railway – Fleet Vehicle Records

The Engineering teams at UK rail franchises are the people who keep these heavily used pieces of equipment in good operating order. Without them the whole network would come to a standstill, quite literally. So when Southern Railway approached KCL about capturing their service records and exam packs, KCL immediately understood the urgency and importance of these records. “These are critical business documents that prove that maintenance requirements are being followed to the letter and that allow engineers to easily analyze trends and patterns in their ongoing service schedules,” said Dave Bell, Director.

Due to the enormous volume of historical records, the franchise decided on a day-forward approach via the RailScan method. KCL configured the network infrastructure and worked closely with the Engineering team to determine the best methods for long term search and retrieval.

With the project now well underway, Engineering managers hope to tie the documents directly to their primary engineering system. One of the Administrators shared this: “The live system only has the items available that are currently being worked on, none of the historical records get maintained electronically. By linking the two we should be able to give our engineers the best and most broad overview of a unit’s history.”

Go-Ahead – Oracle Contracts

KCL has partnered with Hitachi Consulting to develop and release an integrated document management component for Oracle iProcurement Contracts module, an integral part of the Oracle E-Business Suite. Designed to improve users access to critical contract documents and separate non-essential DM functions from the business critical Oracle database, the project was sponsored by three separate rail franchises and was rolled out successfully to all franchise’s users in October 2010.

“This is another successful integration within the Oracle E-Business Suite, proving how KCL’s software offering can adapt to various business areas and drive real value for our customers,” said KCL’s owner and Managing Director, Karl Cooper.

Apart from improved access by the user community, the franchises all had a stated goal of minimizing database recovery times. DM was a requirement for the user community, but IT Directors weren’t keen to see the size of their databases expanded by terabytes over the coming years just to store non-critical business contracts, with one Director offering: “If my Oracle database needs to be restored, I can’t have that timeframe extended even by a few hours; I need my Oracle up and running – if I don’t have access to my documents for a few hours, the business can still run.”