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KCL professional services has been providing business process management and document management software integration services to various companies since 1996. Our first document management integration was with the Grampian accounting software for one of the rail franchises. This was quickly followed by an integration of document scanning and retrieval technologies into Oracle Financials software, which was adopted by various bus operators across England.

KCL’s document scanning service bureau has been in operation since much the same time, serving Gatwick Airport and the southeast of England. In 2001 KCL expanded the scanning service bureau with a facility in south Wales, near Caerphilly. This best-in-class service bureau has been operated and managed by the same staff, with very little attrition, since its inception.

KCL was also an early adopter of document management hosting services, making use of the cloud before it was even called ‘the cloud.’ ASP (Application Service Provider), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), hosted document management, online document management, portal based document management – whatever it was called and however it was being marketed or written about in the document management technology pages, KCL was at the forefront of bringing this revolutionary offering to the UK.