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Professional Services

Since 1999 KCL has specialized in making document management an integral part of the business process and not just an archival medium. KCL does this by developing links and integration models with popular line of business applications, such as accounting or HR systems software, and by adding complementary services such as RailScan, CargoScan and other scan-to-KCL variations to offer a complete, well-rounded service to any business, any department.

KCL managed an intricate development process to build an in-line Oracle Financials integration. Recognizing that adding images directly to the Oracle database would greatly increase storage and recovery times, KCL’s client wanted a method to capture invoices digitally and make them easily accessible via their existing document management system PaperVision Enterprise from Digitech Systems. KCL worked with Java developers and client personnel to develop a simple to use integration still used 10 years after its development. Staff enter invoice criteria directly into the Oracle General Ledger screens, press a button in Oracle to scan and link that invoice. At any time thereafter a single click from within Oracle opens the invoice on the user’s screen. Easy.

More recently, a cargo handling agent serving Heathrow and other UK airports switched from Oracle to OpenAccounts software. Despite OpenAccounts having its own embedded document management module, the client knew that KCL could deliver an integration at a fraction of the cost, and KCL did deliver. KCL developed a barcode-based integration method that links documents quickly and easily via batch scanning and automation, so invoices are always accessible with a simple click from their new accounting system, for less than the vendor’s own system.

Working with cargo handlers to develop innovative document handling methods; working with rail franchises to develop process improvements in Human Resource and Engineering handling; working with manufacturers to improve job creation and collaboration, or inventory controls; working with bus companies to enhance driver training and communication… KCL’s professional services team has the knowledge and experience to improve document based business processes across any enterprise, in any industry.