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CargoScan is KCL’s custom-tailored solution for the air cargo and freight industries. In conjunction with PaperVision Capture and other technology solutions, KCL has developed a business process management suite that allows cargo companies to scan Flight File information, including air waybills, customs declaration forms, security certificates, bills of lading and proofs of delivery, along with all backup documentation for any type of shipment, into a centralized document management application.

The key to this system is leveraging existing technologies, specifically multi-function photocopiers. By implementing CargoScan on these multi-function devices, users can select specific flight/shipment/airline information from a touch screen, routing the document correctly for process. Documents are immediately available in a secured environment to interested parties, as determined by the user.

CargoScan runs in a Java environment on the multi-function device, and so it can be installed almost anywhere. KCL provides all support and configuration services for the CargoScan solution, and can implement the technology in your facility with little or no impact to existing business processes.