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PaperVision Capture

KCL is proud to be the leading document management service provider in the UK specializing in advanced document scanning and data collection technologies. Foremost of these is leading document capture software PaperVision Capture, from the PaperVision Enterprise suite of products from Digitech Systems. PaperVision Capture integrates best-of-breed document scanning and document processing technologies to deliver innovative scanning solutions for any environment.

PaperVision Capture brings a high level of efficiency and power to information capture. The scanning system works with various 3rd party applications, and allows KCL to implement any custom process and track any statistic.

PaperVision Capture is an enterprise-class document capture and workflow solution designed to meet the needs of paper-intensive business. The solution can serve in a centralized scanning environment or in organizations where capture functions are distributed across multiple systems and geographic locations. The platform is fully scalable, designed to support a single scan station or a multinational scanning operation.

A modular system, PaperVision Capture covers the full gamut of capture/workflow needs, including batch scan capture; metadata, barcode and full-text indexing; and even handwriting recognition for capture/processing of forms data. In addition to capturing hardcopy documents, PaperVision Capture can also capture some electronic files and offers integration with a variety of enterprise content management (ECM) systems and line-of-business applications. The solution can serve in general business environments such as HR and Accounts Payable, as well as in vertical markets such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, transport, financial services and service bureaux.

Additionally, KCL has developed RailScan, CargoScan, BusScan and MediScan – integrated document scanning services which feature the ubiquitous multi-function photocopier as the key entry point for hard copy documents and are backed up by dependable KCL scanning and indexing services. Only KCL can offer these innovative solutions and help you leverage your existing hardware investments.