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Following on from KCL’s successful development of CargoScan for the air cargo industry, KCL adapted the Java based scanning solution for the Rail environment. Engineering, Safety, Materials, Compliance, Customer Services and Projects and Contracts teams at rail companies across the country, in addition to traditional horizontal departments such as Human Resources and Accounting, are now scanning documents directly into their chosen document management solution (more often than not a PaperVision Enterprise solution implemented and supported by KCL, but RailScan can populate almost any existing software solution).

Turnaround on RailScan solutions is one of the many benefits. Documents scanned today in RailScan will be available in the document management solution tomorrow, quality-controlled and accurately indexed, searchable by any set of user-defined parameters, including full text search capabilities, if so desired. Add this to the reduction in physical filing and the quick search and retrieval methods, and RailScan is the right solution for the rail industry.