GDPR: Why it is more important than ever before
  • \21 March 2023
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Are You Protecting Your Customer’s Personally Identifiable Information?

If Not, Get Ready To Shell Out A Massive Penalty Of £23.4 Million, Or 4% Of Annual Revenue (Whichever Is Higher).

The European Union had to bring in strict data protection laws to crack down on all the organizations utilizing their customers’ PII for their own personal gain without prior permission.

Thus, Global Data Protection Regulations or GDPR came into effect for the EU on 25th May 2018.

So, what is GDPR, and why is it more important than ever?

GDPR expects organizations to follow stringent rules to protect their data subjects or, simply put, your customers.

1. Collect data for a legitimate reason only
2. Use a minimum amount of data that satisfies the specific purpose
3. Delete the data after the original purpose is achieved
4. Right to access, i.e., the data subject’s right to know if their data is used for processing and the type of data being used
5. Right to delete, i.e., the data subject’s right to have their data erased under request

Though implementing GDPR compliance may appear to be a mammoth task, an effective document management system can make achieving GDPR compliance a breeze.

We at KCLcloud help you have complete control over your customer’s PII by providing complete control, access, and security to sensitive data.

Easier Data Capture And Segregation

GDPR requires organizations to identify PII and protect them. We help capture PII from emails, pdf, scanned documents, and various other digital documents and segregate them from the documents not requiring data protection.

Cloud Benefits

Since we are cloud-based, the documents are centrally stored, regularly updated with the latest versions, and are accessible to anyone worldwide, provided they have the access permissions to the document.

Faster Document Search And Retrieval

Our powerful search capabilities and filters allow you to quickly locate and retrieve any document without wasting time or effort.

It supports the right to access and right to delete

With the audit log, you can see every document activity in real-time, including creation, editing, copying, deleting, transferring, etc. This audit trail helps you do audits automatically and quickly.

Encrypted Documents

We protect your sensitive documents by providing access to only authorized personnel, and the rest of the time, the document is encrypted for complete protection.

In addition to an effective database management system, all our senior employees at KCL are ‘GDPR practitioner certified’ and are qualified to help your business with security risk assessments.

We will guide you to discover security loopholes, vulnerability to risks, and the steps to mitigate risks through our expert guidance.

Choose KCL cloud to discover risks, mitigate them, and ensure GDPR compliance by using one database management system!

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