Menzies Aviation Technology Showcase event
  • \21 March 2023
  • Jess Cooper

KCLCloud Air Waybill Processing Gets Rave Reviews at Menzies UK Technology Showcase

KCL Were Recently Invited To Demonstrate And Discuss Their Advanced Air Waybill Processing Routines To A Senior Management Team At Menzies UK.

The event was part of a technology showcase where Menzies IT Management evaluated various technologies being considered or, in KCL’s case, already implemented at London Heathrow Airport cargo handling facilities.

Founded in 1833, Menzies have become the world’s foremost aviation services company. The Air Cargo division services over 70 airports worldwide and continues to lead the industry in technology investment and vision. Menzies handle cargo for airlines such as American Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, China Airlines, Air Canada, Icelandair, Finnair, Aer Lingus, Egyptair, Qantas and many more.

KCL have worked within the aviation industry for over 20 years and developed CargoScan specifically for cargo handlers. CargoScan provides cargo handling agents, airlines and end-customers with quick, secure access to all documentation about a shipment via an online platform that can be accessed anywhere, at any time. Additionally, the peripheral CargoScan services include revenue integrity reporting used by cargo handlers to ensure proper billing and invoicing and can dramatically improve cash flow and highlight missed revenue opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed or delayed.

Technology Showcase

Menzies have proven time and again that technology investments reap substantial rewards. Investments in supply chain services, infrastructure, and most recently a ground-up cargo management system being developed by Menzies and technology partners Wipro, Menzies is at the forefront of using technology to improve not only internal business operations but how they interact with partners and customers worldwide.

KCL were excited to be granted the opportunity to present at the Menzies UK Technology Showcase event. Senior team members from executive management, accounts and operations were present to listen to technology partners explain the benefits of their offerings. The ‘Dragon’s Den’-style presentation format ensured that technology companies got to the heart of the matter and were faced with intense, direct questioning on methodologies, advantages, costs and savings potential.

This event, which showcased the GlobalScan solution implemented at Heathrow airport, fast-tracked the ongoing GlobalScan expansion into Oceania, as well as the forthcoming North American implementations scheduled for mid-2023, with further locations to follow over the coming months.

KCL were able to definitively show savings of approximately 90 man-hours per month for reviewing billing data, with significantly improved turnaround times. For example, Menzies accounting staff had found approximately 72 misbilled items resulting in over 3000kg unbilled; this January underbilling took a number of weeks to report.

KCL evaluated the same data sets and discovered 327 misbilled (with 222 of those being under billed), resulting in over 9000kg of missed billing opportunities. KCLCloud and the CargoScan solution were able to deliver these results in minutes, not weeks. This dramatic result is a direct cash flow improvement as those invoice adjustments can go out much sooner than they would otherwise.

Global Expansion

In the time since the Menzies Technology Showcase KCLCloud CargoScan has been implemented in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, while analysis is ongoing with the Auckland, New Zealand site and plans forming for that implementation to occur soon. Next on the agenda: DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth, USA) SFO (San Francisco, USA), YVR (Vancouver, Canada), YOW (Ottawa, Canada), and LAX (Los Angeles, USA) – some of the business cargo stations in North America – will al benefit form the increased revenue opportunities and improved service offering that comes from CargoScan, KCLCloud’s premier offering for the aviation and cargo industry.

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